Pianist and Composer


Alessandro Cesaro manifested a precocious attitude towards musical composition since he was a child. This is considered an evident sign of deep and complete understanding of the musical language. Alongside this natural attitude he studied piano with Franco Angeleri in Padua's Conservatory and, when he was only 16, he graduated with the maximum votation including the special mention of the Jury. Then he studied also with Paul Badura-Skoda and Aldo Ciccolini. His concert career started soon following some victories in prestigious National and International Piano-Competitions including the "Premio Venezia", the "Amadeus Giovani" of Palermo and the "Yamaha Prize" in Stresa. His achievement at the 48th CIEM Geneva was especially important and placed him as an outstanding interpreter at the age of 18. He regularly gives numerous recitals in Italy with the following Associations: Serate Musicali Milano, Amici della Musica (Padua, Vicenza, Verona, Trieste, Udine), Unione Musicale Turin, Alessandro Scarlatti of Naples. He has played in Germany (Bochum, Paderborn), Switzerland (Geneva, Bienne, Basilea), Belgium (Bruxelles) and Argentina, where, during the last 20 years, he gave eight tournées, playing in Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Tucumàn and Salta. In May 2008 he completed a wide tour in Mexico (Federal Capital and Michoacan) where he played for the University UNAM and for the Theatro de la Ciudad inaugurating a new piano Steinway. He gained a notable renown in the Summer-Festival Euganeo near Padua with three integral performances (opera omnia of Chopin, Schubert and the 32 Beethoven's sonatas) realized with ancients instruments. In 2009 he gave the first Italian performance of a recently discovered Poem for piano, orgue and choir by Granados (Cant de les Estrelles). In 2011 he completed a three-year project which included the execution of all the 32 Beethoven's Sonatas in Adria and Feltre (for the first time in the province of Belluno) and last year he was invited to the 54° September Musical Tucuman, one of the most important festivals of South America. He usually plays with numerous orchestras among which: "I Solisti Veneti", the "Orchestra di Padova e del Veneto", the "Suisse Romande" in Geneva, the "Collegium Musicum Basel", the Chamber orchestra of Bienne, the orchestra of the Theater of Cordoba, the Stable Orchestra of the Province of Tucumàn, the Sicilian Symphonic orchestra. He collaborates with many notable musicians: Claudio Scimone, Paul Badura-Skoda, Anton Nanut and Pedro Ignacio Calderòn, Sergio Balestracci. Last year he gave a concert for the Spanish American Art Museum "Isaac Fernández Blanco" organized by ALAPP. For this recital the Music Critics Association of Argentina awarded him "Premio Revelaciòn 2015". A distinct characteristic of his personality is his extraordinary versatility and ability to deal with the most different aspects of pianistic literature. This allows him to have in repertory the opera omnia of all the maximum composers for piano, from Mozart to Beethoven, from Schubert to Chopin. He has recorded with Rivo Alto and Azzurra Music (music by Beethoven) and recently he completed a collection of Rondos, Variations and Fantasies by Jan Ladislav Dussek. This CD will be soon available. He is equally active as a composer and some of his compositions are regularly performed. He publishes his works with Swirly Music.

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Alessandro Cesaro Limena, (Padova) 35010 Italy